Use our integration with YouTube to boost your ClickMeeting events.

The YouTube integration enables you to find and play any video content during your event without leaving the webinar room. Not only will it impress your audience but it will also make your event more effective.



Simply choose the movie you wish to play and all your invitees will be able to watch it in real time and you can be sure everybody is on the same page.



You can also export your recorded webinar directly to your YouTube channel. To use this option, you’ll need to Authorize the integration in your Account Panel Settings.



Enter the Integrations tab, choose YouTube integration and click Authorize. You’ll be asked to provide your YouTube credentials. Once you submit it, your integration will be enabled.




To export your recorded webinar, log in to your Account, go to your Storage and choose Recordings.




Click Actions next to the recording you’d like to export and then click YouTube. Your file will be automatically published on your YouTube channel.




Please note: if you’re unable to integrate ClickMeeting with YouTube, it means you’re using the old version of your Google/Gmail account, and your YouTube channel is not active.


You’ll be asked to activate your YouTube channel. To learn how, visit the Google Help Center.