Use our integration to run and manage your online events directly from Slack.


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Latest update: December 16, 2015

Slack integration

The ClickMeeting-Slack integration allows to create and participate in online meetings directly from Slack.

If you don’t have a ClickMeeting account yet, try it free.

To get started log into your ClickMeeting account:


Go to the Account Settings in the upper right corner of the screen and choose the Integrations tab:


…and click Authorize button by the Slack integration:



You’ll be taken to your Slack platform where you need to confirm the required access.



And that’s it!


To use the integration, simply type in /cm in the chat window. A new room will be created instantly and all users in the channel will see its URL.


To see other options, just type in /cm ?.

Available parameters:
meeting name (optional) – sets meeting name
@username (optional) – sends meeting invitation to user
​​​​#channel​​ (optional) – sends meeting invitation to channel
​​​​​ (optional) – sends email invitation

Advanced usage:

/cm -list – returns list of your conferences

/cm -delete meeting name – deletes your conference

/cm -webinar webinar name – creates webinar instead of meeting
Parameters can be provided in a random order except for the meeting name which needs to be set after the /cm command.
​​/cm #marketing @peter
/cm sales
​​​​/cm sales #sales @peter @steve
​​/cm #team\