Use our integration with Moodle and connect your online classes with webinars to engage with students even more effectively.

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Latest update: February 15, 2017

Moodle Integration

The ClickMeeting integration for Moodle allows you to schedule and run your online classes directly from your Moodle platform. It gives you access to all the necessary tools from your LMS combined with webinars — in one place.

How to install the plug-in:


First, log into your Moodle Account. Click Site Administration on the left-hand side panel, choose Plug-ins from the drop-down menu, and click Install Plug-ins.




Now download our latest version of the plug-in or try the one for the older version of Moodle.


Go back to Moodle and add  the downloaded plug-in on Install Plug-in site then click INSTALL PLUG-IN FROM THE ZIP FILE button.



From the drop-down menu on the panel to your left, choose the Plug-ins overview tab. Click Settings next to the ClickMeeting plug-in.




Now you need your ClickMeeting API Key. To get it, go to your ClickMeeting Account Settings in the upper right corner of the screen, click API tab, and copy your API key.


Go back to Moodle and paste your API into the API KEY field.



And that’s it! You’re ready to go.


How to create a ClickMeeting event from Moodle


Go to the Dashboard and click ADD A NEW COURSE button.




You’ll be directed to the creator, where you can prepare your course: add a title, description and upload all necessary files. In the Course format section, you’ll see two drop-down menus. Choose single format activity from the first menu and ClickMeeting from the second. Click SAVE and DISPLAY.




In the panel on your left, click the name of the course you’ve created. You’ll see the window where you can create your ClickMeeting event. Fill in all the fields to provide your students with clear information and click SAVE and DISPLAY.



Your event has now been created and exported into your ClickMeeting timeline. Click the Join event button, and you’ll be taken to your webinar room.




You can also embed your ClickMeeting webinar room on your website. Use the code displayed under the Join event button.