Use our HubSpot integration to build and develop your contact lists.


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Latest update: October 29, 2015

HubSpot integration

Your contact list may be your most valuable business asset. Our ClickMeeting integration with HubSpot makes it even easier to build or expand your contact list.

The integration enables you to automatically export attendee and meeting data into your HubSpot account. Contact lists can be sorted by meeting name or webinar room name.

To get started, log into your HubSpot account and copy your HubSpot ID:



Then paste it into the Integrations tab in your ClickMeeting account Settings:



The authorization screen will pop up. Click Authorize, and your ClickMeeting account will be fully integrated with HubSpot.



After your ClickMeeting event ends, go to your HubSpot account. Notice that a new contact list has been created using that specific ClickMeeting event name: