Add Google Analytics tracking codes to your ClickMeeting pages and collect valuable data on your audience behaviour.


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Latest update: November 15, 2017

Google Analytics

Integrating ClickMeeting with Google Analytics enables you to track your audiences’ behaviour - from your registration form, through the waiting room, to the thank-you page. With that in place you can improve your webinar performance.

With the integration, your Google Analytics tracking code is implemented on all of your ClickMeeting pages:


  • Profile page
  • Registration form
  • Logging page
  • Waiting room
  • Thank-you page


Tracking all of the webinar processes gives you knowledge about users who visited your registration page, who registered to your webinar and who actually attended your event. In addition to that you’ll be able to measure the traffic sources, and visitor data such as their device and location. All this information will be automatically collected in your Google Analytics account.


To set up the integration go to the Integrations tab in your ClickMeeting Account Settings:




Select Google Analytics Integration from the Analytics and remarketing list, paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID and click Connect. Make sure you used a correct code!




Your integration is now established and you can start collecting your webinar data and measure your goals.

Please note that this integration is available for paid accounts only.