Dropbox integration

With the Dropbox integration, you can easily import your files into your ClickMeeting account and use them during your webinar. It also works the other way around: you can export your webinar recordings directly to your Dropbox. Easy!

To start using the integration, go to your Account Settings in the upper right corner of your account panel.




Enter the Integrations tab, choose Dropbox integration and click Authorize. You’ll be asked to provide your Dropbox login and password. Once you submit it, your integration will be enabled.




To import files from your Dropbox to ClickMeeting go to the Storage tab, choose Presentations and click the Import from Dropbox button.




The pop-up will appear, and you’ll be able to select files to upload to your Storage.




Please note that you can also import files directly to your webinar room. Click the Presentation icon in the share pod and click Import from Dropbox on the pop-up.




To export recordings from ClickMeeting to your Dropbox account, log into your account panel, click the Storage tab, and choose Recordings.




Click Actions next to the file you want to export and choose Dropbox. Your recording will be automatically exported to your Dropbox account